How To Start Freelance Jobs?

how to start freelance jobs

Looking for a job with no experience? Want to be self-employed? Want to earn money per-job basis? Want short term but well-paying job? I know what you’re thinking. Who doesn’t right? Well, all this might just be possible in today’s world of numerous opportunities and freelance jobs. Take on only the contract, not the company.

Though freelance jobs are more freeing than having a typical boss, it also adds responsibilities. A one-man army has to manage everything single-handedly. Maintaining a daily social and active life alongside finding and managing a freelance job that pays well is not a piece of cake. Then again nothing is a piece of cake except the literal one.

Now, you must be looking for help. We want to help. To ease your pain, here is our guideline on how to start freelance jobs, for you.

How To Start Freelance Jobs- Guideline

  • Find your thing

There are 53 million freelancers in the US alone, let alone the world. The number keeps growing and you are only a drop in the ocean. So, to keep moving on how to start freelance jobs, it is first and foremost to figure out what are you capable of and what can you sell. Not all options will assure you independence and flexibility.

There are millions of options like a coder, programmer, designer, marketing, photographer, videographer, translator, SEO professional, PR, writer, and many more. It will take some time to find your thing and cover up the lacking you have, But you know, you can only get better. Determine what you want to do. Now for the cliche line, never stop learning.

  • Start a blog

Still not sure how to start freelance jobs? Start a blog to find out if you have the appetite to start your journey as a freelancer. This is how most of the freelancers start. An online presence is essential. Especially in terms of freelancing because it’s based online. By this, you can explore all of the different things that lie under website management, writing, blogging, and more. This is where you showcase your talent without experience. This will serve as your portfolio or resume for potential clients to look at. This is where future clients will find you, select you, and finally reach you.

Starting a blog needs a little bit of investment but affordable. If you know where to look there are also available free options. In this era, information is just a google search away.

  • Set a Profile

Creating your own blog is a start. You’ll need more support than that to find your first freelance job since the first job is the hardest find. Set up your profile at FlexJobs, Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, LinkedIn, and even Facebook. These applications possess everything you are looking for in one tab.  It showcases your personality, resume, portfolio, skills, and personal information all rolled into one. It’s a 101 in how to start freelance jobs.

Incomplete profiles won’t help a bit and even worse, may even weigh you down. Completing your profile information patiently is necessary.

  1. Add a nice and formal picture of you. Also cover photo if needed. It enhances your profile, increases the probability to get hired.

2. Add educational qualification in detail. Any academic experience you need to highlight can be added.

3. All marketplaces require a portfolio/cv/cover letter. Add your meaningful experiences and skills.

4. Add samples of websites, apps, banners, icons, graphics created by you. Add your website. Never provide unnecessary links.

5. Add tagline if needed.

6.Add an hourly rate to your profile. It varies on what work you prefer.

  • Find projects and grow a network

This is one of the beginning steps of how to start freelance jobs. It’s time to put yourself out there. You will have to promote yourself because you are all you have. Within hundreds of projects and contests in different categories posted each day on various platforms mentioned above, find what you’re looking for. After detecting your best choice and before placing your bid, make sure to write a compelling reason why you’re the best choice out there.

Start networking and reaching out to possible clients. A healthy discussion with the client is important to start. Become active on platforms and forums where clients often are. Reach out to see if anyone knows of any openings, cold email possible leads, and more.

  • Business cards

Generating your business card will give you an edge and a more professional outlook. It provides a great first impression and is an additional way of connecting with prospective clients.

  • Work

All these steps just to reach here. Now you know how to start freelance jobs. So do your best.

Make sure you and your client are in tune. Get all instructions, deadlines before accepting the offer. There may be shady business practices out there. Hence, make sure there are suitable ways for you to receive your payments after work is done. Be calm and get the job done.

A happy and satisfied client is what you need right now. The same client will hire you repeatedly if he is impressed. This will grow your career networking.

There you go! Now you have completed the steps of “how to start freelance jobs.” We hope there were helpful and wish you a rewarding career ahead. If you have anything to add there is a comment section below. Check out our website for more related content such as home-based business ideas, 10 home business ideas, and many more.






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