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While gearing up for the venture of weight loss, it is crucial that you are aware that not only exercise regularly but also keeping pace with a well-planned diet plan will go a long way in ensuring you lose those extra calories healthily. So, if you are searching for a diet plan to follow, look no further as listed below are some of the most trending diet strategies for weight loss which you simply cannot miss.

Intermittent Fasting – The Perfect Diet Plan

With a license to eat whatever pleases you, granted that you are mindful of your intake; the Intermittent Fasting (IF) revolves your diet plan around fasting and eating. What is truly gratifying about this approach to weight loss is its flexible rules that allow for personal customization. According to what plan you choose to follow since Intermittent Fasting offers a variety of diet tactics with similar concepts, instead of calculating what you eat, you are required to keep a sharp eye on the clock to know when to eat.

16/8 Plan

This is an Intermittent Fasting diet plan that has snatched the attention of many with its 8 hours window, where you are free to pick your meals. The rest 16 hours are when your willpower be put to the test, since only light and unsweetened beverages, tea, coffee, lemon water, and such, are going to sustain you. 


If you are much of a daredevil, this is the best plan for you since here you are asked to refrain from eating for 2 days of a week, though not consecutive. Again, no restrictions, apart from the fact that you refrain from eating every day, are issued here. So, in case you decide to eat dinner, then be mindful to not consume foods, apart from mild drinks, until the following evening.

5:2 Diet Plan

Holding immense similarity with Eat-Stop-Eat diet plan, ‘5:2’asks you to continue with your normal food intake during the selected 5 days of a week, and the rest of the 2 days will be spent with you strictly watching your meals and measuring your caloric intake. 

Warrior Diet

The warrior diet is linked to the dietary routine of our ancestors, who were wise enough to eat minuscule amounts during the day and then marking the night with a hefty meal. Consuming naturally occurring foods in a controlled amount, during the 20 hours of the day, is deeply encouraged. Eggs, meats, and vegetables are the immediate choices you are recommended to opt from. Apart from this recommendation, you have a free pass at the foods that are dear to you.

Lose Weight Efficiently – The Paleo Diet

Here, you are allowed to consume wholesome foods which are mostly fat burning foods, and work towards increasing your metabolic rate. For instance, meat, fish, eggs, tubers, sea-foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds are some foods you need to add to the grocery list. A fun game of mix and match can now be played with a wide range of ingredients since the Paleo diet offers an open field for coming up with delicious and creative menus. The aforementioned foods are also mostly thermogenic, and this quality enables them to shed excessive fat and unwanted calories around your belly region as you rest. Not to mention that the jolt of protein and vitamins these foods will cater to your body will assist in boosting muscle mass.

As you may have already guessed, this diet plan does not offer the leverage of gobbling down savory fast-foods, dairy, highly processed, and sugar-infused foods. Maintaining a safe distance from alcohol-based drinks and dark chocolate is also a good choice. Though, coffee and tea are recommended.

Carb Cycling – An Ideal Approach to Weight Loss for the Active Bunch

For those of you looking for restoring lost weight with muscle mass, the Carb Cycling diet is just what you are looking for. It is infused with the idea of consuming high carbohydrates on days that require physical labor, such as a workout day or perhaps while giving a helping hand to a moving friend. But on days where you feel like lazing around, munching on foods with low carbohydrate is. The best thing about this approach to weight loss is that there is no requirement of taking out a piece from your normal meals. All you need to do is monitor the concentration of carbs in the foods that you intake and switch the ingredients of one meal with the other. 

Tasty delights of sugars treat, scoops of ice creams, yogurt, and other dairy products, and even fruit juices are rich in carbohydrate and perfect for a strenuous day at the gym. On the other hand, lean meats, green vegetables, fish alongside eggs are what you need during restful days.

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