Five Personal Grooming Tips For Women in Winter

five personal grooming tips for women

Winter is approaching! Yes, you heard that right. Now, Game of Thrones may survive the winter without any grooming tips but in modern times you cannot underestimate the importance of being well-groomed. Humans by nature are the product of the environment so it’s necessary to consider it during ones grooming procedures. Especially for women, winter can be harsh. So personal grooming tips for women is a must.

Grooming refers to the art of maintaining one’s body. With personal grooming you subtly enhancing your self-esteem by making yourself more presentable. It makes you feel good and boosts your self-confidence. With all that in mind here are five personal grooming tips for women.

Five personal grooming tips for women

  1. Nothing looks better than healthy glowing skin. In winter, it is quite normal to have cold and dehydrated skin. So,
  • Drink lots of water.
  • To lighten dark circles around the eyes or recover from a hangover add a teaspoon of honey instead of sugar and fresh lemon juice to the first glass of water in the morning. It will also work in cleansing the internal system.
  • Make sure to intake fruits and many green vegetables.
  • Wash your face at regular intervals and have enough sleep. Go for trusted brands when choosing any cream. In the case of personal grooming tips for women, you can’t just recommend one since it is something you need to choose to base on your skin needs.personal grooming tips for women
  1. Dry, rough hair, and dandruff. One of the worst enemies of your fabulous hair in these cold times. Dandruff, one of the infamous things that come with winter. It can also be an effect of bacterial infection.
  • Keep your scalp or hair clean. An anti-dandruff shampoo advised by a specialist should do the trick.
  • For dull rough hair oiling your hair is advisable. However, make sure you don’t do it daily as it will result in an excess. Massaging your scalp once a week with your preferable oil product. The oil should penetrate your scalp, nourish your root, and male the hair strong enough to prevent it from getting brittle when it’s exposed to cold and dry air. Leaving the oiled out hair overnight and shampooing it the next day to clean is recommended as of personal grooming tips for women.
  1. A common winter struggle is dry lips. It’s a part of your body that can be badly be affected by the cold environment. Eight hours of constant breathing through one’s mouth can dry out your lips bad. The first and foremost personal grooming tips for women is that,
  • DO NOT LICK YOUR LIPS. It has the opposite effect you are expecting so just don’t.
  • Use ointment based lip balms. It will help to heal cracks and splits in the skin. Avoid lip balms that have camphor, menthol. They make the lips more dry and irritated.
  • Do not bite, brush, or rub your lips when they’re flaky or peeling. Just use heavy ointment based lip balms to heal your lips. Severe peeling and cracks should be treated right away. They can become worse and even infected. Apply lip balm before going to bed every day. Also, you should regularly remove hair around your lips.
  1. Flaky skin is the worst, isn’t it? Other than the mindless joy one gets from peeling them off, they aren’t really healthy. It’s much better for them to not happen in the first place.
  • Keeping personal grooming tips for women in mind, a simple solution is to avoid soap and use shower gel instead. Most commercially processed soaps may contain a detergent base, making your skin itchy and scaly.
  • Your skin needs more moisture in the winter which is easily found in gels and liquids. These are also lighter and softer.
  • Fruits can be your best friend in the winter because it contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and aromatherapy. Whether in your bed or out, it’s essential to be your best.
  1. Address red nose woes! Spending time outdoors in cold temperatures can cause flushed noses. Personal grooming tips for women, in this case, maybe,
  • Flushed features can fade sooner with a warm compress using a soft and clean piece of clothing on the nose.
  • Avoid hot showers and baths. Although they can feel heavenly after coming in from the outdoors, it can strip even more moisture from the skin, exacerbating dry skin issues. Stick to warm showers and apply moisturizer straight away. Try antihistamine coupled with moisturized tissues.
  • Who says you have to apply layers of make-up to look good? You can make heads turn even with minimal makeup. Never apply cakey makeup. Applying excessive foundation will not give you a white complexion but make you look like a clown. Red patches on the face look undesirable. Go for a simple look.

That’s it for personal grooming tips for women. If you have anything to add, do let us know in the comment section. Happy winter grooming.

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